From as far back as her memory goes, Kara Deon knew she was brought to this earth to be a part of the birth process. Not only for herself as she has grown and transformed, but also to be there as an anchor and guide for those around her. Kara has a diverse background, from the medical to the service industry and has worked everywhere from the hospital to the office.

Kara is American Heart CPR w/AED certified and has had professional doula training with Mountain Midwives (2010), First Breath Midwifery (2011), and D.O.N.A (2012). Her presence has been attending births in both the hospital setting with Obstetricians and Certified Nurse Midwives, as well as home and water births with Certified Professional Midwives since 1998.

Kara has four beautiful children of her own. Her personal experience includes; laparoscopies, fertility issues, pregnancy loss, IVF, vaginal-unmedicated birth, cesarean sections and attempted VBAC (vaginal birth after cesarean), epidurals, and reconstructive surgery. She has had doctors, midwives and doulas present for her own births.

To every birth Kara brings a gift of compassion, kindness and a love with no boundaries. She believes it is a honor and a privilege to be present during this precious time. Her many years of professional experience, personal knowledge, and diversity compliment her work.

Kara’s goal for every birth is for it to be an empowering and transformational experience. As a doula she will be there for advice, support, and education: before, during and after birth. To ensure that your birth plan is honored and supported in a safe loving environment; for you, your baby and by your healthcare professionals and birth team.

Kara also offers her support as a “woman’s servant” to those outside the typical parameters of birth, including but not limited to support for annual exams, surgery, such as hysterectomies/ mastectomies/reconstruction, as well as cancer treatments and other medical procedures.

Kara’s passion is in her calling to work with clients that have unique circumstances, such as: single parents, younger/older populations, adoption, disabilities, loss, rape, deployment and those in the LGBQT community.

My experience with a doula was a magical one and it was even more special because Kara is also a very dear friend of mine. I am a single mom and did not have a man standing by my side so she was the spokeswoman for me! She walked into my hospital room and took control of the situation; she calmed me, relaxed my mom who was also my "coach" and told the hospital staff exactly my birth plans. She was my voice when I couldn't speak. I had no medication and did the whole birthing process naturally which was the most exhilarating feeling a woman can experience. Kara, has a sense of calmness in her voice and with her presence. When I wanted to give up and couldn't handle the pain any longer she looked at me with her piercing blue eyes and gentle caressed my face with her hands and kept repeating " look at me and breathe, look at me and breathe. You can do this and you will, you are strong and amazing." She is the most fantastic woman to have in any labor room with the new momma and baby to be born. She brings ease, comfort ability, order and assurance to the mom and family. If I was ever to have a baby (which I can’t) I would have her as my doula all over again!!


Having Kara by my side during birth was beautiful and radiant. Words can not begin to describe the empowerment I experienced at during my birth. Although I gave my baby up for adoption it will be a day that will forever be etched in my heart.

(client name withheld for privacy)