Kara is a Licensed Massage Therapist with a truly healing touch. She utilizes her inner knowing and DoTerra essential to customize each session to meet her individual client’s needs. Kara feels everyone can benefit from massage. Her modalities include Swedish Massage, Mayan Abdominal Massage, Deep Tissue, Stone Massage, and Neuromuscular Relief Therapy. She is gifted with an amazing ability to bring comfort to those with child, recovering and in pain, or just in need total relaxation.
Her experience in the Health Industry includes people in all emotional, mental and physical states, from birth through death. Kara has worked with clients and patients in their home, and at the hospital, nursing home, assisted living, group homes and those on hospice.
Kara’s formal education in health, anatomy, kinesiology, and massage are ongoing and compliment her intuition and passion as a bodyworker.
With her knowledge and experience in not only the health field and yoga, Kara is able to modify and adapt massage to accommodate each person individually and help meet them and their needs through movement of the body, mind and energy.
She has done massage, in a variety of settings (studio, gym, luxurious vacation lodges, the beach and private homes) to a wide range of clientele.